The wonderful willow hedge that camouflages BCCS’s container was pruned mid-February. The finer prunings were used for two over-subscribed Willow Weaving Workshops in Bisley village. Our Wonderful Willow Weavers were led by artist Norah Kennedy, and produced woven bird tables, bird feeders and, for the more ambitious, bird nests. Hopefully the local bird population will not only feed better but find their own very special des res. Photograph showing Bisley Community Compost Director Sue Bradley weaving and Norah helping Sue, plus one of the bird nests is already “on the market” in our Community Orchard’s Edible Hedgerow waiting for a suitable couple …come the spring….

The remaining willow branches were shredded and are providing a thick willow mulch for several community orchard apple trees – hopefully preventing apple scab – we will monitor and compare with those not mulched.

BCCS Director Sue Bradley & Norah Kennedy and below a willow nest in the Community Orchard