Do’s and Don’ts


  • Sort green materials into different types, such as soft non-woody plants, lawn clippings, small woody herbaceous plants, and branches no larger than 4” diameter
  • Put green materials in the appropriate bay – as labelled
  • Put leaves in the leaf bins – clearly labelled and separate
  • Remove potted plants out of their pots – we cannot shred plastic of any kind
  • Cut plants off rootstocks – we cannot shred rootstocks
  • Take your plastic bags home with you
  • Do tell your gardener (if you have one) that your membership is only for your garden, no one else that he or she might work for
  • Share membership correspondence with everyone in your household so everyone has up to date information
  • Ask us if you have any questions. We are always happy to oblige, either by email, telephone or on site every Saturday morning



  • Leave branches more than 4” diameter
  • Mix up materials
  • Bring wood with nails, twine or plastic
  • Leave plastic plant pots (these are allowed in your green recycling bag)
  • Bring sods of turf, clods of soil, potbound plants, non-green rubbish. Turf will compost down in your own garden
  • Leave plastic bags on site
  • Bring grass clippings that have been treated with persistent herbicide – see Weedkiller Warning