In 2011 the government requested a voluntary end to industrial peat extraction by 2030 and to gardeners’ use by 2020. In 2014 BCCS launched its own campaign to reduce peat use, joining the DEFRA / RHS National Sustainable Growing Media Task Force initiative.

What happened?
– The UK has now lost 95% (most) of its lowland peatlands.
– In 2018 thousands of acres of peat moors burned on the Yorkshire – Derbyshire borders.
– The government responded by putting £10M into peat restoration but kept the voluntary targets.
– Fen peatlands are still drained.
– Rare ecosystems are destroyed.
– £5Billion worth of peat is still sold, largely imported from Eire and the Baltic.

So much for voluntary action.

BCCS is participating in the District Council’s Carbon Neutral 2030 policy initiative. BCCS is commissioning research into the contribution compost can make to carbon sequestration and reduction in emissions.

Bisley’s gardeners already contribute to saving peat by NOT buying compost with peat. But more MUST be done. Avoid peat in all forms -all commercial compost that does not say ‘peat-free’ (including potted plants) includes peat.

If you haven’t done it already, buy labelled commercial peat free mediums. Better still use your own Home Compost or BCCS compost and leaf mould. And, like the young people of Deer Park school (see image) make your own seed compost from a mix of compost, leaf mould and loam. Its easy!