We would like to thank you very much for your patience and co-operation during lock
down. We have been able to get the site cleared and much tidier than we have ever been
able to do since we first opened in 2006.
Most of you have taken the opportunity to bring green materials to the site on a Saturday
morning and we now feel that we are in a position to return to the usual system on 11th
July. Paid up members will be given the code for the side gate and will be free to deposit
their green materials at any time.
We regret that we do not yet have any sieved and bagged compost for sale as we have
not yet been able to have a sieving session, and for the time being we are not allowing collection of unsieved compost.
We would like to remind you to maintain social distancing, generally to behave in a way
that does not put other members or our volunteers at risk, and to sanitise the padlock
before and after use. And finally to deposit carefully to help us keep the site tidy!
BCCS Directors