Demand for our sieved compost has been very high recently, so on Tuesday we had another sieving session, only about a month after the last one.   In this session we sieved almost all of our remaining stock of compost, but it means that we’ll continue to have bags of our sieved compost available for sale for the next few Saturdays.


Tuesday's sieving team at Bisley Community Composting Scheme

Photo by Lesley Greene, who was also part of the sieving team. Third from the left is Martin Brown, newly elected District Councillor for Bisley.  Martin is one of the directors of BCCS.

Mini digger and pile of compost at Bisley Community Composting Scheme

Alan at the controls of his wonderful mini-digger, which makes the task of loading the sieving machine ten times quicker. Normally our pile of unsieved compost is much taller than the digger, but this year, due to BCCS being closed during the lockdowns, our compost pile has almost disappeared.