In rainy weather 15 North Somerset Master Composters visited BCCS and we explained our history, our site, and ways of composting, especially including our Compost Demonstration site (with a wormery, ‘bindweed’ composting ball, and other types of home compost bins. We all then went to Brimscombe and Thrupp accompanied by Shelley, Greg and Kate who are now brilliantly fulfilling their vision of a community composting site for their residents. We then had a delicious convivial conversational composting lunch at Stroud Brewery. We were joined by Kathryn Turner (Gloucestershire County Council’s Climate Action Officer (Waste), Kate Cole (Tewkesbury Borough Council’s Waste Services Officer), Ocean, and (North Somerset Garden Waste Team) with the visit supported by Garden Organic’s Kate Eastment, and Garden Organic’s new Chief Executive Fiona Taylor.

Photograph taken by Martin Phelps of BCCS, &  Brimscombe & Thrupp Community Composters, with North Somerset Master Composters